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ISB Radio

Started in 2021, ISB Radio is a web-based radio program designed to create a shared space for students and staff to present content learning and projects, current events, music, creative writing, storytelling, sports news, club updates, and more. 

A logo of ISB Radio, the School's podcast

ISB Radio is an exciting platform where students apply their learning through fun and relevant media. It provides students with choices for assessments and projects, allowing them to showcase their work through student-led presentations. This approach fosters independence, time management, and problem-solving skills while enabling students to share their creative writing, essays, and other projects aurally.
ISB Radio offers excellent opportunities for students to practice language skills as they record podcasts or conduct interviews. It encourages students to engage in conversations about current events, helping them better process and understand the world around them. Through discussions among students, they strengthen community bonds, creating an engaging and motivating learning environment.Whether students are exploring philosophical concepts, showcasing science projects, delving into space exploration, or hosting club roundtables, ISB Radio provides a shared space for all ISB students and teachers to present content learning, projects, music, storytelling, sports/club updates, and much more, fostering a vibrant learning environment.

Recent Episodes

A highlight of recent ISB Radio episodes