Preschool through Grade 12

Adult Language Courses

Adult language courses are the perfect way to discover a new language, refine language skills, or simply better follow your children’s studies.

ISB offers a wide variety of French and English classes for adults. All classes are open to all ISB community members and any interested adult. Thematic and intensive workshops focus on:

  • Pronunciation (French and English)
  • Grammar, vocabulary and conjugation (French)
  • Comprehension: French humor, idiomatic expressions, arts and culture (French)

  • Our courses include all levels of French, from absolute beginners to very advanced, and English (advanced writing and oral). Unsure of your language level? Use our French Placement Tests Information to self-assess your skills.

    Why Study Language at ISB?

    You too can benefit from ISB's expertise in teaching languages:

  • Certified teachers with more than 10 years of experience
  • Small class sizes (4 to 10 students), custom-made to fit your needs
  • Multifaceted approach benefits your own learning style
  • Relaxed and fun environment at ISB
  • Access to ISB resources, events and its international environment.

  • Summer Session at ISB: French is fun!

    This summer session will definitely be fun-oriented. It's a short, semi-intensive session offering 3 separate 8-hour classes, each with a different approach. Come learn French through the movies, or acting, or singing. These 8-hour workshops will aim at improving your general comprehension and oral communication skills. Open to all, these "think-out-of-the-box" courses are a great way to practice in real person-to-person situations. See details below.

    Private French & English Tutoring classes

    We are now offering private classes. For one or two people, come benefit from our teachers' expertise. We will be happy to create a class customized for your needs, at the most convenient time for you. Private classes combined with group classes and "in field" practice are the fastest and best way to progress! Contact us for more details.

    The French & English Hotline

    Would you seek immediate support on tricky linguistic points, understanding a form or correspondence, outsmarting your children, or answering any cultural question you may have, our expert teachers are here to help! Submit your question and get all the explanations you need through a 15 min videoconference call. Service available in English and French. See details below.

    French Classes

    Click on brochure below for the French Class description.

    Click here for French Classes - Summer 2018.

    If you are not sure of your level, please use our Placement tests information.

    English Classes

    Click on brochure below for the English Class description.

    Click here for the English Classes - Spring 2018.

    If you are not sure of your English level, please use our placement test links below:

    Using the European Language Portfolio

    EF Standard English Test

    Bilingual Classes

    " Autour d'un Coffee: " Discussions Interculturelles Franco-Américaines

    This open-to-all bilingual conversation allows participants to discuss current topics, political events, cultural differences or even contemporary parenting trends.

    During this course, aimed at understanding cultural differences, you will discover together the principle differences between everyday interactions between France and the U.S. – through history, current events, and guided class discussions in both French and English, and with the help of relevant readings and visual materials.

    Two teachers, one American and one French, facilitate this relaxed sharing of experience, which combines both language instruction and socialization.

    French and English Hotline

    Are you stuck with answering an email, understanding your favorite French song, in need for the vocabulary to survive your next dental appointment, or just willing to master that tricky "exception" ? Use our new French and English Hotline service.

    Fill this Hotline question form, proceed to Payment, and one of our expert teachers will contact you by videoconference, for a 15 minute personalized session, enough to solve most of your problems. Allow us between a few hours and a couple of days, at the most, to prepare our conference call, and we will be happy to help you with your linguistic needs.

    Registration and Payment

    Learn More

    Let us help you find the right class for you. To find out more, contact our Program Coordinator Pascal Lepesqueux.