Preschool through Grade 12

Sonja, Grade 12 FR


I'm a 12th grader at ISB who has been here since Kindergarten. I'm from an American family and do not speak French at home. However, attending a French school my entire life allowed me to go from an FSL (French as a second language) student to a fluent speaker of the language. When the choice was offered to me in 6th grade to pursue the majority of my classes (science, math, history etc) in French or in English, I knew I wanted to choose French. My appreciation for the French method of education has led me to my junior year in the French track and a rigorous preparation for the French Baccalaureate. I think this is ISB's most attractive and perhaps most important quality: the students' preparation for a high school diploma and either a French or International Baccalaureate. As a pursuer of the French Bac myself, I can attest that this goal drives a very disciplined and intensive approach to education. Being a student here fosters not only a worldwide lens on contemporary and historical issues, but also a more global sense of cultural awareness, thanks to the bilingual atmosphere and to the French system's exhaustive humanities curricula. Personally, my favorite class here is biology because of my interest in the subject and the way the school's multifaceted life sciences program allows my classmates and I to learn in depth about everything from seismology to biogenetics. We also have access to labs and tools like microscopes that allow for regular class experiments.