Preschool through Grade 12

Gwen D., French & British family.

Why did you choose ISB for your children? As a French/British family arriving from overseas, it was important for us to place our children in a school with a bilingual French/English curriculum. We wanted them to continue with the "Ministère de l’éducation nationale" French program, yet also follow a rigorous program in English. In addition, we were looking for a diverse, international school with an active, inclusive community and a progressive approach to education. ISB was really the only option we found in this area that checked all these boxes.

From your own personal experience, what are the benefits of a multilingual, multicultural, multinational community? Having lived in several countries, we have found that diverse, multilingual, multicultural communities are a rich source of education for our children and this is something we are pleased they can continue to be exposed to at ISB. Interacting with families from other countries and cultures, with different languages and customs, broadens our children’s horizons, fosters respect and curiosity, and they are growing up with a truly global outlook as a result. Quite apart from the educational benefits, it’s fun to be part of such a diverse and interesting community!

What is it like being a new ISB family? How easy/difficult is it to fit into the ISB community? ISB has a very active, welcoming community. With new families joining every year, the community is very open to newcomers and it is easy to make friends, for both kids and adults. We were contacted by our “welcome family” even before the start of school to help us find our feet, and there are lots of events organized (morning coffees, picnics, parties...) within the community, so there are plenty of opportunities to meet people right from the start. As many of the students have lived overseas themselves, they know what it is like to start a new school in a new country. My kids found the other students very welcoming and had new friends within just a few days.

What recommendations would you give to families who are considering ISB? If you are looking for a solid bilingual education in a nurturing environment with a diverse, international community, ISB is the place for you.

What does diversity, inclusion and equity look like at ISB? My daughter came home after her first day at school and told me there were ten different languages spoken in her class. While the program is French/English, there is a multitude of nationalities, languages, backgrounds and religions represented at the school, something which is embraced as a source of richness through both the academics and the social activities within the community. For us, diversity is one of the greatest strengths of the school.