Preschool through Grade 12

Joey, Grade 11 IP


I enrolled at ISB in Mid-K and I am currently in 11th grade. I speak English with my whole family at home and French with my mother and my sister. What I like most about ISB is that we have been given this amazing opportunity to learn multiple languages which is very hard to access. Students should join ISB because the ISB community is very close and the minute they join they will be welcomed with open arms. They will instantly feel part of a siblinghood. My favorite subject is P.E. because the activities we do in IP Gym are very fun. These activities include kayaking, archery, and skating. Plus, Ms. Wright is an amazing teacher. My favorite academic subject is math because I have been passionate about math for a long time. Also, our teacher, Mr. Albert, is a great teacher. His teaching style ensures that we learn and understand the material. I chose the IP/IB track because English is my first language and I wanted most of my classes to be in English.