Preschool through Grade 12


Will tuition be the same whether my classes are online or in-person?

  • Tuition will remain the same for on-campus, home, or remote learning as all of the options offer the same academic content. Our faculty and staff are working very hard to ensure that instruction and student engagement in the fall remain at our high standards of excellence, despite the unprecedented conditions.
  • In the event of campus closure, Maternelle families will be able to request 25% tuition refund or credit for any days the campus is closed unexpectedly longer than two weeks. 

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My family’s financial situation has substantially changed due to loss of employment, affecting our ability to stay enrolled at ISB. What are our options?

Please apply for financial aid. Unlike in years past, the Financial Aid Committee is meeting on an ongoing basis, rather than just once in February. 

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This page was last updated on: August 11th, 2020.