Preschool through Grade 12

2020-2021 Plan for Returning to Campus

Middle and Upper School Update

July 10th, 2020

  • Maternelle and Lower School will be on campus five days a week.
  • Middle and Upper School will be on campus 4 days a week + 1 day of remote learning

The Massachusetts government has released the Initial Fall School Reopening Guidance, which prioritizes return to in-person learning to the extent possible, with extensive cleaning and disinfecting, physical distancing, and use of masks for everyone but the youngest students. 

Based on this latest guidance, ISB plans to hold class five days a week when we reopen the campus in September. 

  • Maternelle and Lower School students will be on campus five days a week, for regular school hours, including garderie. 
  • Middle and Upper School students will be on campus 4 days a week, and learning remotely from home one day, following the schedule below:

*On-campus school day is marked by a checkmark

Having some of the students work from home one day a week will free up space to accommodate various academic choices, and allow for cross-grade academic interactions and activities like assemblies and SEPs to continue to take place across cohorts in a safe, online environment.

The one remote learning day will involve both synchronous and asynchronous activities. If some students are unable to work from home during the remote learning day, a designated grade-level space will be available for them at school where they can follow the remote learning program under adult supervision. 

On campus, we will implement the state guidelines for physical distancing in each classroom, resulting in fewer students per classroom. We will also use larger spaces such as the Media Center to accommodate larger groups safely.  

Students will be interacting with their grade-level cohorts, each within their own designated space, except for 11th and 12th graders who may be merged into one cohort. Our goal is to follow the current state recommendations to keep cohorts separated so that, in the event of a positive COVID-19 case in the community, the need for quarantine could be limited to that cohort only.

Some students might be restricted from leaving their homes by the health authorities, or they may have to remain at home due to a documented health risk. These students will have access to lessons and activities that their classmates attended on campus. We will work with individual families to accommodate their needs. 

Once the school year begins, we will continue evaluating our plan’s effectiveness and make informed changes as the year progresses. 

Information on school buses, after-school activities, athletics, and extended day programming will be finalized once the updated guidance is released by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) later this summer. Specific schedules for all divisions will be finalized in August and shared with the community, along with extensive reopening details.

Questions? Contact ISB designated COVID-19 Response Leader, our CFO, Isabelle Praud.

Preparing for the Next School Year

July 2nd, 2020

This past year has profoundly challenged the norms of how we teach and learn, and it will impact how we resume our on-campus operations this fall. The ISB Safety and Academic Committees are using the state guidelines for summer school re-openings, the Initial Fall School Reopening Guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, as well as resources from other international schools that have already reopened, to prepare us for La Rentrée.

We plan to welcome our students back to campus on September 2, 2020 for the beginning of the school year, as long as we are permitted to do so by the State of Massachusetts. Right now all indications are that Phase 4 could start by the end of July. We will meet or exceed the official public health guidance on health and safety measures to minimise risks to our community.

Even so, there is a possibility of COVID19-related disruptions in the course of next year, which would require us to move from one learning model to another. We are evaluating how we approached remote learning until now and we are building on that knowledge. We will look at streamlining our digital platforms and providing professional support to our teachers to ensure even better remote learning experience for our students, should that be necessary in the future.

Our top priority is the safety and health of our community, and our mission of excellence in multilingual and multicultural learning. We will continue to serve our students through programs that are challenging, engaging, flexible, and responsive to the current crisis, while supporting their social and emotional well-being.

Scenarios for Delivering our Curriculum in a Fluid Year

We are prepared to seamlessly switch between different learning models should that be required. Below are some of the potential scenarios.

*Click to enlarge


  • For questions about the program, teaching and learning, and schedules, please contact ISB Division Directors:
  • For questions about logistics, buses, lunches, traffic, and auxiliary services, please contact the Chief Financial Officer, Isabelle Praud.
  • For questions about health risks, please contact the ISB nurses:


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