Preschool through Grade 12

IP Course Offerings

The International Program at ISB, Taught in Grades 9 and 10, Leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

International Program courses prepare 9th and 10th grade students for the independent and critical thinking, extensive writing and extracurricular learning that awaits them in the IB Diploma Program.

Learner Profile attributes and the academic skills that infuse the Diploma Program also guide IP classes. Whether students are working toward Balance or Open-Mindedness or the characteristics of an Inquirer or Risk-Taker, they are developing the skills necessary for success in the Diploma Program.

To that end, they can choose between the following courses:

  • First Language: English, French and Mandarin
  • Second Language: English, French and Mandarin
  • Second Language Electives: German, Spanish and Latin
  • Mathematics: Standard and Intensive
Individuals and Society
  • World History
  • Histoire-Géography: 9 only (French program for the Brevet)
  • Contemporary Global Issues: 9 only
  • Biology: 9 only 
  • Chemistry: 10 only
  • Physics: 10 only
  • Environmental Science: 10 only
  • 3D Design: 9 only
  • Creative & Innovation Technology Elective (3D Design): 10 only
  • Visual & Performing Arts (Music, Theater, and Arts)
  • Art Elective
  • Theater Company Elective
  • Physical Education
  • Flextime (TechEd, Sex Ed, Advisory and Mindfulness)

Note: Course offerings vary by year based on enrollment.