Preschool through Grade 12

Student Support

From learning and advisory support to research and technology, ISB students are given the resources and opportunities they need to succeed in today’s global society.

Academic Support

Learning Support

The Department of Individualized Learning Support works with children and families to enhance student competence in various academic areas and foster confidence in the ability to learn.

Support focuses largely on increasing proficiency in two languages, and providing the basic skills to be successful. Both French and English language learners receive specific instruction in acquiring their second language. Our team of literacy and learning specialists provide a variety of services, such as:

  • In-class support
  • Individual or small-group support outside the classroom
  • Remedial assistance in different subjects (reading, writing, handwriting and math)
  • Support for specific learning difficulties (organizational, spatial or concentration issues)
  • Study skills in small groups in Middle School within the Advisory program
  • Office hours in Middle School and Upper School (refer to your Parent or Student Portal for more details)
Homework Support

Both Lower School and Middle School students can benefit from homework support in either French or English while at the Garderie or Study Hall.

Advisory Program

Advisory is offered to all Middle and Upper School students.

In Middle School, students meet in small, grade-level groups facilitated by a faculty or staff member. Advisory groups meet twice a week and address topics relating to Middle School student life, such as: friendship, peer pressure, stress, and social media use. Students build connections and a sense of community with their peers, working on important life skills and positive character development.

In Upper School, the advisory program consists of two hours a week per class of methodology, in-depth learning, academic help, and career and college preparation. It is also a time to reflect on school life and develop project-based learning activities. All classes benefit from these service hours, which help students in their weekly tasks and expectations.

Research & Library

Each ISB division has a dedicated library that provides books, magazines, subscriptions, and online material suitable for each stage of learning. The collections are mainly bilingual (French and English). In addition, the Middle & Upper School Library includes books in Spanish, German, Latin, and Chinese. Learn more by browsing the ISB libraries online.

For library questions, contact:

Technology & Learning

Here at ISB we strive to bring technology and learning together in a way that not only provides tools for our students to use, but also gives our students an overall better understanding of how technology works. ISB classrooms from Preschool to grade 12 are equipped with a variety of technology resources. Tools such as interactive whiteboards, iPads and Chromebooks enhance lessons and motivate students. They help students find answers and collaborate with their ISB peers, or with classes in other parts of the world.

We have been a member of the Google Apps for Education community since 2007. The Google Apps for Education core services are a collection of web based applications that are provided to schools at no cost. We chose this as our base application suite for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures that all our students are on the same platform. This eliminates many compatibility issues and allows our students to easily collaborate with fellow students and teachers. Google also provides our students with a safe environment to explore the internet. When using Google Search, under a school account, students are never subjected to ads. Additionally, all searches are filtered through Google’s Safe Search system that prevents undesirable content from appearing in search results. Finally, because the applications are internet-based, whether they are in school or at home these features travel with the student.

Research show that iPads are excellent for reinforcing educational concepts in the primary grades, such as eye-hand coordination, memory exercises, and shape and color recognition. As students progress into computer class (3rd through 5th grade), they will have a better understanding of computer and software functionality, which in turn will bridge the fundamental elements of computer based classwork as the students continue towards Middle School.

The Middle School has integrated elements of technology with other classes by using Google Chromebooks as a classroom tool. The successful use of this device on a sign-out basis will culminate with the introduction of a 1:1 Chromebook initiative starting this year from 8th to 11th grade, essentially providing more access to school Chromebooks for 6th & 7th grade students while simultaneously preparing 8th grade students for the rigors and responsibility of higher grades. The goal is to furnish our students with a multi-faceted device that will be the cornerstone of research, homework, and digital citizenship. Ensuring that by the time students reach Senior year, they are confident and skilled enough to use their own mobile devices in a BYOD environment.

Whether doing research or creating a movie or presentation, ISB students use technology to think critically and find meaning in content. Students learn how to use technology effectively through projects and assignments, and observe what it means to be a good digital citizen.

School Counseling

Every student at ISB has the right to feel safe in the school environment, and the right to access counseling support. School counseling services support students’ social and emotional wellbeing and are offered individually, in small groups, and in the classroom. Parents and teachers can also consult with the school counselor to learn how to best support students at home and at school.

Counseling services focus primarily on short-term to medium-term needs. However, the school counselor can also assist with referrals to outside mental health providers. Access school counseling standards and guidelines on the Parent Portal, or contact Naomi Muller.

Health & Wellness Programs

ISB incorporates health and wellness programs throughout the school curriculum. In Lower School, topics such as empathy, respect, perseverance, respect and global mindedness are introduced in assemblies and reinforced through classroom activities. Students also learn about health topics such as the importance of hand washing and dental hygiene. In grade 5, students begin to learn about pre-adolescence and sexuality.

The Middle School years are a time of rapid growth and developmental change. At ISB, Middle School students take part in various developmentally appropriate Health and Wellness programming, including: sex education; health & physical education; wellness & stress management; and drug education. In addition, students participate in an ongoing advisory group where they work on areas of social and emotional health. In advisory, students build a supportive community and strengthen positive character development with the facilitation of an advisor.

Last year, the Upper School introduced several health and wellness programs:

  • CPR and First Aid Training for all 10th graders
  • Sexual education from 9th through 12th grade
  • Drug and alcohol awareness with consultant Will Slotnick from 9th through 12th grade

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