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Student Support


From learning and advisory support to research and technology, ISB students are given the resources and opportunities they need to succeed in today’s global society.

Learning Support

The Department of Individualized Learning Support works with children and families to enhance student learning in various academic areas while fostering self-confidence.

Our team of literacy and learning specialists provide a variety of services in French and English across all divisions of ISB, including:

  • In-class support or small-group support outside the classroom to provide better access to the curriculum
  • Remedial assistance in speech and language, pre-reading, reading, writing, handwriting
  • Support in executive functioning skills
  • Coordination of tutoring services for mathematics and other academic subjects
  • Coordination of internal assessment and outside evaluations to inform the development and implementation of Personalized Learning Plans
  • Homework support in the after-school program

Advisory Program and Flextime

Advisory is offered to all Middle School students and Flextime to all Upper School students.

In Middle School, students meet in small, grade-level groups facilitated by a faculty or staff member. Advisory groups meet twice a week and address topics relating to Middle School student life, such as: friendship, peer pressure, stress, and social media use. Students build connections and a sense of community with their peers, working on important life skills and positive character development.

In Upper School, Flextime consists of two hours a week per class of methodology, in-depth learning, academic help, and career and college preparation. It is also a time to reflect on school life and develop project-based learning activities. All classes benefit from these service hours, which help students in their weekly tasks and expectations.

Research & Library

Each ISB division has a dedicated library that provides books, magazines, subscriptions, and online material suitable for each stage of learning. The collections are mainly bilingual (French and English). In addition, the Middle & Upper School Library includes books in Spanish, German, Latin, and Chinese. Learn more by browsing the ISB libraries online.

For library questions, contact:

Technology & Learning

Here at ISB we strive to bring technology and learning together in a way that not only provides tools to use but also prepares our students to be better Digital Citizens. From preschool to grade 12, our classrooms are equipped with a variety of resources and tools that enhance lessons and motivate students. Whether doing research, creating a movie, or delivering a presentation, ISB students use technology to think critically and find meaning in content. 

In the Maternelle & Lower School, we have found that iPads are excellent for reinforcing educational concepts such as eye-hand coordination, memory exercises, and shape & color recognition. As students progress from Pre-K to 5th grade, fundamental elements of technology are incorporated with project-based classwork and special activities, which prepare students for the transition to Middle School.

We provide our Middle & Upper School students with Chromebooks for research, homework, projects, and presentations. ISB has been a member of Google’s G-Suite Education community since 2007. The G-Suite core services are a collection of web-based applications that are provided to schools at no cost. We chose this as our base application for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures that everyone is on the same platform. This eliminates possible compatibility issues and allows our students to easily collaborate with their peers and teachers. Google also provides a safe environment to explore the internet. When using a school-based Google account, students are never subjected to ads. Additionally, all searches are filtered through Google’s Safe Search system that prevents undesirable content from appearing in results. Finally, because applications like Google Classroom, Gmail, and Google Drive are internet-based, these features travel with the student whether they are in school or at home.

School Counseling

Every student at ISB has the right to feel safe in the school environment, and the right to access counseling support. School counseling services support students’ social and emotional wellbeing and are offered individually, in small groups, and in the classroom. Parents and teachers can also consult with the school counselor to learn how to best support students at home and at school.

Counseling services focus primarily on short-term to medium-term needs. However, the school counselor can also assist with referrals to outside mental health providers. Access school counseling standards and guidelines on the Parent Portal, or contact Naomi Muller.

Health & Wellness Program

ISB strives to meet the academic, physical, social and emotional needs of all of its students. ISB believes that good health and learning go hand in hand and as such, offers a comprehensive and integrative Health & Wellness program from our earliest learners in Maternelle through to our oldest students in 12th grade.

The H & W program is designed to help our students maintain and enhance their physical, social and emotional health and achieve their goals both inside and outside the classroom. Students are taught skills and given information to help them make healthy and positive choices.

Components of the H & W program include guest speakers who are experts in their field, interactive workshops and assemblies, lessons and activities that are embedded into the curriculum, opportunities for education and training, and student-centered clubs.

The H & W program covers a variety of topics that are developmentally age appropriate including, but not limited to healthy eating habits/nutrition, substance abuse prevention, adolescent and sex education, bullying/cyberbullying, diversity & inclusion, and stress management.

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