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Middle School

A Time to Discover

At ISB, Middle School is about students discovering their sense of adventure and autonomy.
As students start to imagine their future selves, they will also develop creative problem-solving skills and independent thinking. They will become a member of a safe, close-knit community, surrounded by peers and mentors supportive of their growth and developing interests. Our Middle School program also prepares students to seamlessly transition to the Upper School

A Bilingual Course of Study

All Middle School academic classes are taught in French or English, so students don’t merely learn to speak two languages – they learn to think and produce in those two languages. This enables students to experience different ways of thinking and reasoning on a daily basis, enhancing their intellectual flexibility. It is a lifelong benefit that no other Middle School in the Boston area can match.
Middle School students can select a schedule that emphasizes either the French or English language, depending on their academic interests and future plans. Students will also study a third language, either Spanish, Mandarin, or German, in Grade 6 and can add a fourth language, Latin, beginning in Grade 8.
At ISB, the Middle School curriculum enables students to acquire a common base of knowledge, fundamental skills and culture, organized around five areas:
  1. Languages for thinking and communicating
  2. Methods and tools for learning
  3. Personal and civic development
  4. Natural and technical systems
  5. Representations of the world and human activity

Core aspects of the Middle School curriculum also align with the official program of the French Ministry of Education within an American Middle School setting, ensuring a truly international experience.

Explore the Middle School Program

At ISB, the MIddle School experience extends far beyond the classroom.

Curriculum Overview

Student Life

Our Signature Programs, After-School Offerings, and Advisory Program ensure that students in Grades 6 through 8 have balanced opportunities outside the classroom to develop new interests, further pursue existing passions, and receive support and guidance as they prepare for Upper School. 

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The Arts

Theater, visual arts, music, and cultural events and activities help ISB students discover and flex their innate abilities to feel, act, question, reflect, and imagine. In addition to the Arts curriculum within the academic program, students can participate in Rock Band, Theater Groups, Digital Arts, and cultural activities. 

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ISB students practice hard, play hard, and win hard, all while developing their confidence and school spirit as they participate in numerous Middle School athletic offerings. Our athletics program promotes sportsmanship, competition, physical fitness, and lifelong wellness habits. 

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An ISB Middle School student raising their hand in class