Preschool through Grade 12

Approach to Learning

Middle School: Develop independent thinking and curiosity about the world around us.

All Middle School academic classes are taught in French or English, so students don’t merely learn two languages – they learn in those two languages.

This enables students to experience different ways of thinking and reasoning on a daily basis, enhancing their intellectual flexibility. It is a lifelong benefit that not many other middle schools can match.

Middle School students can select a schedule that emphasizes either the French or English language, depending on their academic interests and future plans. Students begin to learn a third language, Spanish or German, in 6th grade, and can add a fourth language, Latin, in 8th grade.

While most students enter with a strong foundation in both French and English, we warmly welcome students who are beginners in either language or show the ability to learn.

Middle School follows a curriculum that aligns with the official program of the French Ministry of Education. Download our Curriculum Overview.

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We are truly teaching the world at the International School of Boston. We welcome you to join us.


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