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Vision for Learning

Global Citizens, Critical Thinkers, and Creative Problem Solvers

At ISB, learning is a transformative process that allows students to become their best selves.
Here, learning happens through students' meaningful and regular engagement in purposeful activities. Through various daily learning experiences, students explore ideas, environments, or problems. Through feedback, discussions, or self-reflection, they think deeply about their experiences and grow from them.
ISB students are exposed to many perspectives and world views; they learn in multiple languages and cultures daily. This approach helps them gain new insights and allows them to reach a deeper level of learning and a more robust understanding of concepts and human experiences.ISB students collaborate and connect with broader communities. They learn about and apply current research to real-world issues. They draw from a combination of meaningful methods to plan, execute, analyze, and evaluate their work.

ISB students understand that learning is a dynamic and holistic process that involves the development of social-emotional, study skills, and learning habits. They are engaged and experience autonomy and agency. They are provided with challenging yet adapted tasks; they all learn in their zone of proximal development.

At ISB, students, teachers, and leaders are part of a learning community that aims to be inclusive, healthy, reflective, and values-driven.

Portrait of a Graduate

ISB students develop the skill set and mindset necessary to live healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives. They become global citizens, critical thinkers, and creative problem solvers who positively contribute to our world.

Global Citizens

Students recognize their role and responsibility in the larger world. They show an appreciation for differences and actively contribute to the common good for the benefit of all.

Critical Thinkers

Through the creative process, students engage in a productive struggle to create solutions, solve real-life problems, and build resilience as they persevere to reach their intended goals.

Creative Problem Solvers

Students engage in “careful thinking directed to a goal,” including conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to build understanding and action.

ISB Learning Principles