Preschool through Grade 12

Felipe Radovitzky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Class of 2016)

From the moment I first visited ISB in eighth grade, I felt a connection with the school: everyone was inviting, everyone came from a unique background, everyone was interested in meeting a new person and hearing about their story. I was quickly integrated to the richly diverse ISB community, forging special bonds with classmates, upperclassmen, and teachers that I will never forget. The next four years were a crusade of rigorous academics, unforgettable school trips, touching community service involvement, unparalleled school spirit and culture, and countless of other incredible experiences. As an alumnus I now look back at my time at ISB and could not imagine my high school years anywhere else. Thank you ISB for making me a learner, a trilingual, international student, and for preparing me to undertake what lies ahead of me.