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Meet ISB Graduates

ISB graduates are inspired by differences, energized by challenges, and prepared to take on the world. Meet a few of the graduates of today, who are on their way to becoming the international leaders of tomorrow.

ISB's community helped make this place a home. READ MORE
Zeina Fayad, Class of 2016
Boston University
Thank you ISB for making me a learner, a trilingual, international student, and for preparing me to undertake what lies ahead of me. READ MORE
Felipe Radovitzky , Class of 2016
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ISB has opened many doors for me. READ MORE
Caroline Rice, Class of 2016
Columbia / Sciences Po
I am enrolled at Brandeis University as a political science major. READ MORE
Lilian Bresler, Class of 2019
Brandeis University
I have friends from all over the world. READ MORE
Charlotte Sénéchal, Class of 2015
McGill University
I feel very lucky to have gone to ISB before going to college. READ MORE
Luca di Domenico, Class of 2015
George Washington University

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We are truly teaching the world at the International School of Boston. We welcome you to join us.

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