Preschool through Grade 12


We cultivate excellence through French-English bilingual and multicultural learning.

Our School

Our distinctive bilingual curriculum is rooted in the rigor and creativity of the French and American academic traditions. We inspire our diverse international student body to pursue academic excellence, and we prepare our graduates to thrive at the world’s best universities.

ISB School Profile 2018-2019

The ISB Way

The ISB Way is our distinctive approach to engaging with our students, from Preschool (Maternelle) through Upper School.

In the ISB Way…

  • Each student is continually challenged but unconditionally loved.
  • Mastering a language other than one’s own is a way to find success and fulfillment in a global world.
  • Differences in a student’s ethnicity or socioeconomic background are reasons for celebration, not alienation.
  • Daily achievement is measured not only by test scores, but also by a student’s capacity to relate to other citizens of the world.


ISB Environmental Mission statement

The International School of Boston is committed to promoting environmental sustainability through meaningful curriculum initiatives and sound ecological operating practices. We seek to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution and waste, and provide for a healthy, toxics-free environment. In conjunction with students, faculty, staff, and parents, we will systematically strive to reduce our environmental impact.

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We are truly teaching the world at the International School of Boston. We welcome you to join us.

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