Preschool through Grade 12

Senior Leadership Team

While the Board recognizes that the Head of School is the chief executive officer of the school system and bears the responsibility for managing the School under the Board's policies, the Board also recognizes that the operation and management of a complex, modern school system needs the best thinking of all staff and faculty members.

Therefore, the Head of School's Senior Leadership Team (SLT) acts as an advisory capacity to the Board. Its mission is to:

  • Gather ideas, present reactions of school personnel and express opinions
  • Interpret school policy to other staff members
  • Help all levels of management share information and benefit from group thinking

Members of the 2023-2024 Senior Leadership Team

  • Head of School: Richard Ulffers
  • Assistant Head of School: Dr. Mehdi Lazar
  • Chief Financial Officer: Isabelle Praud
  • Director of Strategic Engagement: Andrea Gosselin
  • Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management: Lucy Pelham
  • Secondary School Director: Philippe Caron-Audet
  • Elementary School Director: Christine Bodet