Preschool through Grade 12

Choosing ISB

Why Choose ISB?

The International School of Boston opens a world of possibilities for students from Preschool through grade 12 by providing the rigorous bilingual French-American education, inclusive cultural experiences and global mindset needed to learn and lead, today and in the future.

The Benefits of a French Education

Experience the French education system.

The Benefits of an IB Education

Why the IB is different.

The Benefits of an ISB Education

Your child will see things differently.

We immerse students in a dynamic learning environment where classes are taught in French and English, forever opening their minds to the ideas, insights and innovations of peoples, countries and societies far different from their own.

Your child will meet the world.

As ISB students make their way between classes each day, our hallways ring with greetings of students from about 50 countries, a reminder of your child’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet, learn alongside and befriend students from around the world.

Your child will cultivate confident curiosity and develop self-confidence.

At ISB, your child will acquire and refine the critical-thinking skills necessary to make sound decisions; the intellect to navigate different languages; and the social awareness to understand diverse cultures.

Your child will become a flexible, independent thinker.

Combining the renowned and demanding French curriculum with the excellence of the American educational system, our programs ensure your child will thrive at the next level, whether that is at ISB’s Upper School, an American school, a Lycée in France, or a university in North America or Europe.

Your child will have doors opened to universities around the world.

Beyond an American high school diploma, each ISB Upper School student also graduates with a French Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate.

These universally recognized credentials will allow them to pursue their dreams at colleges and universities as varied as Sciences Po in France, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McGill University in Canada, or Imperial College in London.

Your child will become a citizen of the world. And you will feel as if ISB exists just for your child.