Preschool through Grade 12

About Us

Welcome – Bienvenue – to the International School of Boston!

Here at ISB, we are a school that lives and breathes its Mission. Equipping our students with the ability to speak multiple languages fluently and develop critical thinking skills within the context of international mindedness is a purposeful, daily experience. We provide our students with the essential tools to be not only prepared for university but also to have a real and meaningful impact on the world they will inherit. Our Core Values underscore a deep commitment to an inclusive environment where we embrace the notion that everyone brings value and deserves our care and respect. ISB is a school that develops thoughtful, reflective and authentic individuals who can think independently and autonomously through the lens of an interconnected and international perspective, something the world needs more than ever. Our bilingual program, highly respected French and International Baccalaureates and an array of Arts, Athletics and Travel opportunities underscore our holistic approach to student development as well as prepare our students to be part of something bigger than themselves, make a difference and help the world be a better place.

I invite you to come have a look for yourselves and experience what a true international education has to offer. Please come visit our campus and learn more about the unique, globally-minded education found here at the International School of Boston.

Best Wishes,

Richard Ulffers, Head of School