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teaching the world

A global community close to home for students in Preschool through Grade 12

ISB is Boston's leader in international education, rooted in French-English bilingual learning and the International Baccalaureate program. Our integrated curriculum balances age-appropriate academic challenge with individual choice, opening a world of opportunities to ISB graduates.

Preschool & Kindergarten

AGES 2-5 | Explore

Students explore the world around them through speaking, writing, and reading in both French and English.

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Lower School

GRADES 1-5 | Understand

Elementary School student smiling in classroom

Students learn to see things differently through intentional project-based learning. 

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Middle School

GRADES 6-8 | Discover

Students discover their sense of adventure and autonomy and develop as creative problem-solvers and independent thinkers.

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Upper School

GRADES 9-12 | Thrive

Students select from one of the world’s two most prestigious diplomas: the International or French Baccalaureate.

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ISB Extension


Multilingualism is not just for our students. ISB offers programs for our school community and the Boston area.

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Summer Programs


Our unique bilingual summer camp is open to all children, including non-ISB students, ages 3 to 10.

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a global mindset

At ISB, students acquire and refine the critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to make sound decisions, the intellect to navigate different languages, and the social awareness to assimilate diverse cultures, ultimately enabling them to reason, communicate, and connect with anyone, anywhere, about virtually anything.

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our stories

As ISB students and parents make their way around campus each day, our hallways ring with “Hi!”, “Bonjour!”, Nĭhǎo!”, and the joyful greetings of peers from 50 countries, a reminder of you and your child’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet, learn alongside, and befriend families from around the world.