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French Exam Results
French Exam Results

Dear ISB Community,

I have some exciting news for you! We have just received the exam results for the students enrolled in the French Program.

  • French Baccalaureate: results for the newly graduated Class of 2017

100% passed and 93.3% with honors! This year again, the results are excellent, which confirms the quality of our teaching methods and curriculum.

All of the 15 candidates were admitted to the Bac, and 93.3% with honors: 3 of them with Mention Assez Bien, 4 with Mention Bien, and 7 (46.6% of the group) with the highest distinction, a Mention Très Bien. The overall average for the class turned out to be 15.35out of 20.

Comparatively to France where 30% of the candidates obtain the General Baccalaureate (L, ES and S) with high honors (Mention Bien and Très Bien), more than 70% of our students reached this level this year. Also, 40% of all students who take the Baccalaureate in France take the General Baccalaureate; 60% take the Technical and Technological Baccalaureates.

  • French Bac épreuves anticipées: results for the eleventh graders

The scores were once again very strong. In French language and literature, the average on the written was 13.16 and on the oral, 17.32 out of 20. The average for TPE (student projects) was 16.42, while in science, which was taken only by the ES students, the average was 13.33.

  • Brevet: results for the ninth graders

Every student passed and 100% with honors! Out of 27 students, 1 had a Mention Assez Bien, 2 a Mention Bien, and 24 a Mention Très Bien.

As it happens every year, we will need to wait until early July to get the scores from the International Baccalaureate; but we can already congratulate the Class of 2017 for these great accomplishments that crown the end of their ISB careers. Congratulations go as well to all the French track students, and to their teachers, for these great accomplishments!


Richard Ulffers
Chef d'Établissement - Head of School